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Oh wat was het fijn om weer met mijn oude atletische trainer (Andreas Klose) in Münster te trainen. Wat is dat een ongelofelijk inspirerende man. Hij geeft les op de Universiteit in Münster, is atletiek trainer en daarnaast heeft hij de aflopen jaren hard getraind om zijn eigen doelen te bereiken in het hoogspringen. En dat doet hij vanuit elke cel met als gevolg: ERFOLG –> SUCCES! Hij is namelijk vorige week Duits Kampioen geworden! Wat een kerel die Klose;) Petje af. Morgen als ik opsta en niet meer kan lopen, zal ik misschien wel eventjes anders over hem denken;) Nee grapje hoor. Maarja, ik was dus vandaag bij hem en hebben samen krachttraining gedaan. Daarnaast een privé lesje gekregen over Voeding – Sport – Mind. Hij heeft zelf veel met verschillende krachttrainingen en diëten geëxperimenteerd. Ik ben erg blij dat hij zijn kennis met mij wil delen, zodat ik dat kan doorgeven aan anderen. Dankje Andreas! Ik ga nu ook zelf de aankomende weken/maanden verschillende experimenten uitproberen. Misschien hierover later meer. Laat maar weten als je geïnteresseerd bent. Nu is het tijd voor een douche en relax-modus. Fijne avond! CIAO CIAO XX

**Oh it was so nice to train again with my old athletic trainer (Andreas Klose) in Münster. What is that an incredibly inspiring man. He is a teacher at the University in Münster, is an athletic trainer and in addition he has trained hard for years to achieve his own goals in the high jump (correct?). And he use every cell with the result: ERFOLG -> SUCCESS! He became German Champion last week! What a guy that Klose;) Hats off. Tomorrow when I get up and can not walk anymore, maybe I’ll think a little different;) No kidding. However, We did strength training together. Also received a private lesson about Nutrition – Sport – Mind. He has experimented a lot with different strength training sessions and diets. I am very happy that he wants to share his knowledge with me so that I can pass it on to others. Thank you Andreas! I am now also going to try out different experiments for the coming weeks / months. Maybe more about this later. Let me know if you are interested. Now it’s time for a shower and the relax- mode. Good evening! CIAO CIAO XX

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  • Bonnie

    Tess I am very interested in your fitness activities. I follow you for inspiration because I am what we call in Canada a “couch potato”. Once I was very active – tennis, running, walking everywhere; but now that I’m very busy at work with hundreds of clients that I am responsible for – I’ve stopped working out. I would definitely like to know more about what works for you and how you keep healthy. Cheers, Bonnie

  • Bonnie

    Tess, thank you for the great advice and motivation you sent me. I am already eating better – I’ve made my OWN breakfast and supper the past two days – instead of eating out; I buy lunch at work from the healthiest place I can find in the food court.

    I have also started walking – when I get home from work I kiss my cat, dump my briefcase and go for a walk. It’s very refreshing and I come home from my walk so energized, even if it’s really hot outside, as it has been in Toronto this week.

    I’m hoping to turn from couch potato into active lifestyle diva over the course of the summer. Keep posting the great posts! I learn so much from you!!!

    Cheers, Bonnie Shulman

    • tessvonpiekartz

      Hey Bonnie,
      It’s nice to hear that you changed some habits. Make new good habits that helps you to make the best you! Go on, I’m really proud!
      You will not be a couch potato..
      some tips.. if you like to eat something sweet for snack.. wat dates, medjool dates! It’s sooooo delicious!

      Thank you for your comments and have a nice weekend.

      Greets Tess

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